Hoist the Main! Lake of the Woods by Sail- Exhibit at the Lake of the Woods Museum

An Exhibit about our history of navigating Lake of the Woods by sail

Wednesday, July 1 – Monday, August 31

Lake of the Woods has been described as one of the most beautiful sailing lakes in the world. With its 14,542 islands, 105,000 kilometres of shoreline, wide-open waters, narrow channels and magnificent scenery, it is a navigational and sailing challenge for the finest of yachtsmen.

For the earliest inhabitants of the lake, sailing was merely a more efficient and faster way of navigating the lake that stretches 65 miles from north to south, and 55 miles from east to west. Utilizing wind power was initially functional since the earliest forms of travel on the lake were by canoe or rowboat but harnessing the wind in sails soon became recreational. As a result, sailing has continued to have a significant presence on Lake of the Woods even after steam-powered and motor-powered vessels were introduced.

Sailing is now a means of pure enjoyment, exhilaration and exploration on Lake of the Woods.
This exhibit will feature the boats, boatbuilders, sailing clubs, and sailing events which have celebrated the sailing tradition on our lake. Test your knowledge of sailing lingo, try your hand at tying a bowline or a sheetbend, and step into the wonderful world of sailing on Lake of the Woods.

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