LOWISA 54: Aug 4 – 10, 2019

The Lake of the Woods Sailing Association Regatta, known by its acronym LOWISA, is an internationally acclaimed racing and cruising event held annually out of Kenora, Ontario. Now embarking on its 54th year, LOWISA is poised for many more years of sailing adventure.

Nestled between Manitoba, Ontario, and the northern United States, Lake of the Woods is home to over 14,000 islands and 100,000 km of shoreline. The LOWISA fleet calls this astonishing lake home for six days of point-to-point racing, cruising, and social events. Between the sailing, swimming, camping, hiking, island exploration, northern lights, breathtaking landscapes and visits from unique wildlife, you’ll be certain to appreciate this iconic race.

Whether you’re a newcomer or lifelong participant, you’re in for a warm welcome and endless camaraderie. LOWISA is a multi-generational event and our participants range from newborns to the old-in-age but young-at-heart. We are invested in our community and environment and we pride ourselves at being an inclusive and ecologically-minded event.

The LOWISA fleet is divided into two racing and cruising classes, further organized into several divisions based on performance handicap (PHRF) ratings. Utilizing this rating system enables us to host a fair competition across a fleet with widely varying boat designs and outfittings.

Our competition is not defined by access to the newest technology or amount of money you dedicate to your boat — its contingent on harnessing the wind and making good course decisions. Regardless of your crews age and experience, we will match you with a racing division and class that fits your needs. Each year we welcome scows, keelboats, and multihulls and our dynamic fleet enables us many unique opportunities for learning, collaboration, and friendly competition.

LOWISA 54 Events:

For six days our fleet will sail an intricate course around the north part of the lake, arriving in the early evening to our mooring destinations. Once we’ve arrived, the fleet gathers on nearby boats and islands to enjoy a variety of social events including: dinghy races, bonfires, evening parties, a galley cooking competition, and many more. In addition, we’ll be hosting a myriad of supervised children activities for our youngest LOWISA participants.

We are excited to return to Ash Rapids Lodge this year for our midweek layover. We’ll spend two nights at the lodge, arriving Tuesday afternoon and departing Thursday morning. We are looking forward to Ash Rapid’s hospitality and to our layover day swim races, live music, and a number of other plans that are in the works.