Name and PositionCommodore of

Bob Webb


Lowisa 49

David Nelson


Lowisa 39 and 50

Elizabeth Debicki


Lowisa 48

Rob Eby


Lowisa 47

Robert Nuttall


Lowisa 40 and 41

LOWISA Corporation Details:

The Corporation will have five Directors, including three Officers.

The five Officers will be the immediate preceding five Commodores, unless a Commodore elects not to serve as a Director. If so, the Chairman will appoint another past Commodore as a Replacement Director, to be approved by a majority vote of the other Directors.

The Replacement Director will serve the same term as the Director she/he is replacing, unless the Replacement Director also resigns during that term. The Chairman will have the tie breaking vote, for approving a Replacement Director and on other matters. The Officer’s duties will be assigned to Directors by the Chairman. A Director may serve multiple terms as an Officer and there will be no term limits, except the automatic succession by immediate Commodores accepting a Director role, after which the most senior Director would retire, as long as other Directors continue to serve their terms.

Considering the current tenure of LOWISA Participants, a five year term on the BOD doesn’t seem unlikely or unreasonable and if any elect to retire sooner, they would be free to do so. Initially, the three Directors who were past Commodores before 2014 would retire early, as shown below, and new Directors would be appointed. This could start the initial rotation and it would then become automatic.

Current Term Representatives:

Chairman – Bob Webb – BOD term thru 2018

Vice Chairman – David Nelson – BOD term thru 2019

Secretary – Elizabeth Debicka – BOD term thru 2015

Treasurer – Rob Eby – BOD term thru 2017

Director – Robert Nuttall – BOD term thru 2016

Qualifications for General Membership in LOWISA, Inc. will be:

To have served as a LOWISA Commodore or to sponsored for Membership by three past Commodores.

          • Members must register annually and pay a small fee to acknowledge their status as Members.
          • Membership meetings will be held annually at a time to be determined by the Directors. Special meetings may be called, by at least five members, and Special Committees for Assignments may be assigned at membership meetings.
          • Meetings are generally conducted by phoning into a central number for conference calling or some other means that allows for participation from remote locations but is permissible in the new Ontario legislation.
          • A quorum present to constitute a meeting will be 50% of the registered members. Meetings will be conducted according to “Robert’s Rules of Order”. Members may introduce new topics for discussion and voting.

The objectives of the LOWISA Corporation are:

            • To continue the LOWISA Regatta, and promote family sailboat racing on Lake of the Woods, Ontario.
            • To insure the Event is run safely and fairly, and promote participation from all regions and countries, especially Canada and the United States.
            • To maintain historical and financial records to ease the efforts required by each year’s new Commodore and Committee, but to allow the Annual Commodore and Committee creative freedom in managing that year’s destinations, courses and activities.

In the unlikely and undesirable instance that the Corporation be dissolved at some future date, the Board of Directors will set a plan to pass the assets of the Corporation to another entity. Possibly the Royal Lake of the Woods Yacht Club, or some Organization likely to succeed in the distant future.

By-Laws will need to be drafted and approved to meet the Corporations stated objectives, in compliance with the New Ontario Legislation, after LOWISA is officially Incorporated.