LOWISA 53 Price Breakdown

We’re only days away! Get yourself registered here.
A few people have been wondering about prices, here’s the breakdown…
Lowisa Racing Boat Registration: until Aug 3rd: $150, on registration day Aug 4: $200
Lowisa Cruising Boat Registration: FREE
Kenora Cup Boat Registration: until Aug 3rd: $60, on registration day Aug 4th: $100
Social Activity Wristbands
Event Full Week Wristband ($175 until Aug 3/$225 last minute) First Half Wristband ($100 until Aug 3/$150 last minute) Second Half Wristband $100 until Aug 3/$150 last minute Kids Full Week Wristband $100 until Aug 3/$150 last minute
Sat Aug 4 6:00pm Skippers Meeting/Dinner cruise on the MS Kenora  ✓  ✓  ✓
Mon Aug 6 Rum Party  ✓  ✓
Tues Aug 7 Sunset Lodge Fish Fry  ✓  ✓  ✓
Wed Aug 8 Sunset Lodge Steak Dinner + Live Band “Wrecking Crew”  ✓  ✓  ✓
Fri Aug 10 LOW Brewco Keg Night  ✓  ✓
Sat Aug 11 Commodore’s Ball/Dinner @ Northern Yacht Club  ✓  ✓  ✓


Single tickets are available for the Skipper’s meeting on the MS Kenora ($50) and the Commodores ball at Northern Yacht Club ($35) on the LOWISA registrations page. Just select “no” for the vessel registration question.


L50 Last Minute Notes

Ash Rapids Lodge – Ash Rapids is requesting that no sailboats tie to the docks as they have lost 3 already this summer. That includes people who have rented cabins. They will run a shuttle for us to assist people in getting ashore.

Tuesday Night Meal – Ash Rapids will be putting on a buffet for those who choose to take advantage of the restaurant. $25.00 / plate and $15.00 a plate for children. There are no tickets for this just payment directly to the restaurant.

Pump Out – The pump out barge will show up on Wednesday morning and anchor out. Pump outs will be $25.00 cash to the operator directly.

5 more days to Lowisa 50! – Some last minute notes

Registration and Packet Pickup – There will be only one location for registration and packet pick-up, and that is at the Lake of the Woods Brewery on Saturday starting at 4:00 p.m. and ending at 6 pm just prior to the Sailors Social. The Sailors Social and Skippers meeting will run from 6 to 8pm. We won’t keep you too long so you still have time to get those last things ready on the boat!

Docking in Kenora – For those planning on bringing their boat in to Kenora for Saturday night, there are no reserved slips for Lowisa due to the number and extent of the events going on this weekend. However, all public docking is open to Lowisa boats on a first come first serve basis, and that includes Harbourfront, Main St. and Matheson St. docks. Anchoring in the bay is also permitted. The mooring balls are reserved at this time. So if you are planning on being in Kenora make sure you get there early to get a spot.

Look forward to seeing all of you for Lowisa 50!

Tips for Eco Racing

#1: Ditch the small water bottles
I will be the first to admit that the boys on the AI are lucky to have the BirdBath Mother ship carrying their supplies! For the last few years, we get gallon water jugs and use a pump to fill reusable water bottles. It is so easy and results in so much less recycling. For those of you carrying all of your gear on small racing boats, get creative! We brought a gallon water bottle when we raced Birdbath and the water bottle went in the closet!!!
#2: Do you recycle?
I hope you have two garbage stations on your boat. We have been lucky to have the ‘honey wagon’ come and pump us out some years. They take garbage, but I do not give them my recycling. I keep it on the boat till the end of the week. Using blue garbage bags for recycling helps keep things organized. Every little bit helps!
#3: Leave no footprint
Let’s remember to leave anchorages cleaner than they were upon our arrival. Pack out all trash and don’t forget to dig a pit if you use nature as your loo.
Visit http://eartheasy.com/play_eco-friendly_boating.htm for more easy, eco-friendly boating information.
And a favourite tip for hydration. What are you doing for those hot days? If you are looking for a natural way to hydrate, coconut water is great. Hammer nutrition has a product called HEED. It is a full spectrum electrolyte replacer unlike some other brands that only have two electrolytes in the ingredients. It tastes great, is all natural and is good for you and soft on your tummy. If you use HEED, you can just add it to your reusable water bottle!
Happy racing!

Let’s Keep Lowisa Earth Friendly

Welcome back to LOWISA!
While you are thinking of what to load up on your boat, we would like to give you a little food for thought. When you put anything down the drain or in the lake, it directly affects our ecosystem. All of the products that you use can hurt the delicate balance of our environment, including shampoo, dish detergent, laundry detergent, and the soap you use to wash your deck. We’d like to encourage all LOWISA sailors to protect Lake of the Woods by purchasing earth friendly products.
I challenge you this year and moving forward to look at the labels of the products you are using and if they are not earth friendly, please consider not using them on your boat… or anywhere. The following list shows what you should look for when purchasing lake-friendly products:
Plant-based surfactants (or just plain soap, like Dr. Bronner’s)
1,4 Dioxane-free
Phlathate (synthetic fragrance)-free
Earth Friendly Products available at Tilley’s Pharmacy:
Hair and skin products: Burts Bees, GUD, Giovanni, Live Clean, Kiss my Face
Body/Face: Dr. Bronner, Burt’s Bees, Kiss my Face
General purpose cleaning: Dr. Bronner, Nature Clean, Watkins
Happy sailing! We at Tilley’s Pharmasave (201 Main St.) and the Birdbath family look forward to seeing you soon!

Hoist the Main! Lake of the Woods by Sail- Exhibit at the Lake of the Woods Museum

An Exhibit about our history of navigating Lake of the Woods by sail

Wednesday, July 1 – Monday, August 31

Lake of the Woods has been described as one of the most beautiful sailing lakes in the world. With its 14,542 islands, 105,000 kilometres of shoreline, wide-open waters, narrow channels and magnificent scenery, it is a navigational and sailing challenge for the finest of yachtsmen.

For the earliest inhabitants of the lake, sailing was merely a more efficient and faster way of navigating the lake that stretches 65 miles from north to south, and 55 miles from east to west. Utilizing wind power was initially functional since the earliest forms of travel on the lake were by canoe or rowboat but harnessing the wind in sails soon became recreational. As a result, sailing has continued to have a significant presence on Lake of the Woods even after steam-powered and motor-powered vessels were introduced.

Sailing is now a means of pure enjoyment, exhilaration and exploration on Lake of the Woods.
This exhibit will feature the boats, boatbuilders, sailing clubs, and sailing events which have celebrated the sailing tradition on our lake. Test your knowledge of sailing lingo, try your hand at tying a bowline or a sheetbend, and step into the wonderful world of sailing on Lake of the Woods.


Lowisa Fun Raiser sponsored by Northern Harbour July 17th featuring Highway 59.

As if anyone needed any more reason to come to the FUNRAISER, the Hall family have donated a draw to win free winter storage for your boat. One ticket equals one chance to win so feel free to buy multiple tickets. This is to celebrate 35 years of northern harbor being in operation. Congrats Gary and family! 

Lowisa Stories

There’s a couple of great articles just posted in the stories section recently published in the Lake of the Woods Area News. Thanks Gerry Wilson for letting us repost! Two articles written by past Commodore Don Cameron titled

“Adventure Sailing on Lake of the Woods” and “The Lake of the Woods Great Adventure” and an article by Dyke Williams titles “Lowisa Regatta’s Golden Years”. If you’re a Lowisa history buff you’ll enjoy and if you’re a Lowisa newbie you might find some tips to get around the course! You can find them here.