Everyone and anyone from anywhere prepared to enjoy nature’s elements.

Any sailing craft can race if comfortable enough for many hours of sustained sailing, equiped with safety gear and has at least a helmsman and navigator on board. We encourage day sailors to provide a support boat to carry their gear and assist in case of need. Let us know your needs and we may provide group support.

One of the beauties of Lowisa is that you can participate at any level of racing or cruising you choose.

There is a specific cruising class that sails with the regatta on a pure cruising basis with no starts, finishes or competition other than some informal challenges that appear here and there. This class sails the same general course as the race classes so they start and end at the same place as the rest of the fleet. This enables you to participate in the wilderness experience in the company of many other sailors.

They encompass all levels of sailing and types of crafts. There is a division for those not wanting to set spinakers, as well as a serious racing division and less intense racing division. Fleets with at least 5 of the same boat can petition for a one-design division. You will mark which division you want to enter on your registration form.

The Lake Winnipeg/Lake of the Woods Performance Handicap Rating Fleet will be utilized as a basis. Ratings will be assigned for boats without a rating. A committee of US and Canadian sailors will define ratings and divisions once all sailors have registered.

About 20 miles (32 km) Sun, Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri.
Less on Sat. to give time for pull out and getting ready for the awards banquet. Buoy races on Wed.

Lake of the woods is buoyed and lighted, and such buoys and lights are indicated on the charts each craft must obtain.

Once the courses have been set, we will identify which charts apply and where you can purchase them. The courses ussually cover 3 charts at about $20 each. They can be purchased on-line from www.fedpubs.com/mpchrt/charts/rainy.htm or you can get them from either Johnson’s Pharmacy on Main St., or Wilson’s on Second St.

Not likely and certainly avoidable. Much care is taken in setting the course in sufficient depths of water. Marks of the course will eliminate the possibility of taking short cuts through shallow channels. You are encouraged to review the course on your charts ahead of time and circle areas of concern, including the route to and from the moorings.

You can count on a little of everything from hot to cold, sunny to rainy, breezy to calm, buggy or not. http://www.theweathernetwork.com/weather/cities/can/pages/CAON0340.htm

In 2006, passports will be required to cross the US/Canadian border.

In general, it is good to bring 2 forms of id and leave hunting gear & fireworks behind. Kids need birth certificate. Only 1 case of beer, 1 liter of wine or 1 liter of alcohol per adult is allowed crossing the border. Radar detectors are illegal in Canada.

* Note: LOWISA 50 will not cross the border.

Midweek Border Crossing:
Everyone will be required to check-in/out at Young’s bay video phone on arrival/departure.
Everyone will have to have a valid photo id (driver’s
license) and birth certificate. All parents of children under 14 must have their
children’s birth certificates with them.

Hopefully water levels are such that people can proceed to Young’s bay and walk up the dock on their own accord. However, Sunset will ferry people across from Oak and we will also use our repax. I68 forms are not necessary but check-in is required for everyone. It will take approximately 5 minutes per person/boat.

The “Oars” phone and “Can-Pass” are the same…a remote video phone that allows
customs agents to “visually” inspect people and their documents.

More information can be found at:
Canada Customs – 807-274-3655
US Customs

Overnight stops are carefully planned for safety, to accommodate shore activities and camping tents. Most are wilderness stops with anchoring in a star raft or off a shoreline. Boats can drop an anchor off the stern, tie a line from the bow to a tree, and be close enough to climb ashore, yet not worry about touching the keel to the bottom. If racers or cruisers choose to have a night of absolute seclusion, there are plenty of bays and shoreline nearby, but away from the fleet. There are a number of lodges near by for those interested.

Yes. They will be identified on the schedule once the courses are set.  Rooms are available on a first come basis. Additional lodging may be found in Kenora.

The smaller and lighter the tent the better. Bring a rain fly and ground mat. You will want a sleeping pad. Down sleeping bags are probably to warm, in fact, some nights all you will need is a sheet. Compact camping pillows are great. You will be able to create fire pits but might want to bring a grate and charcoal. Small propane camping stoves are easy to use for boiling water. As is the case anywhere these days, you should purify your water if taken from the lake. A hatchet is useful for removing stumps from the tent site. A trowel is necessary for the latrine. Please, bury your deposits and pack out your garbage.

It can be quite warm for the week so bring lots of fluids. Biminies are wonderful to shade from the hot afternoon sun. Mosquito netting for the companion ways and hatches are a must even if they aren’t needed every night.

Waterproof baggie for sailing charts, ruler & colored pens for marking charts with courses, and sunscreen.

Because of the international aspects of the regatta, we strongly suggest NO pets be brought along.

You will need a fishing license. You can get a Canadian license in Kenora from Canadian Tire on Highway 17 E., Figure 8 Baits on First Ave. S., and Sunset Baits on Highway 17 E. If fishing in the U.S. waters off of Oak Island, you will also need a U.S. license which might be available at Sunset Lodge.

911 Emergencies, Police, Fire, Ambulance
800-268-9017 Poison Control
888-310-1122 OPP Ontario Provincial Police
807-468-9855 RCMP Royal Canadian Mounted Police
807-468-9861 Lake of the Woods District Hospital
807-468-3311 Ambulance
807-468-6441 Kenora Coast Guard
VHF 16 On the water Coast Guard or OPP

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