Did you know,

Flags of different Nations flown at the same time are to be flown on separate poles at the same height. Flags flown on one pole implies the Countries are at war and one has conquered the other.

Flags should be flown at the top of the poles. At half mast, it may indicate the death of someone (like maybe a past Commodore).

Your nations’ flag should be flown on the left.

The Lowisa burgee should be flown on a pole taller than the National Flags. The reason is that tradition on boats (it started with Gaff rigged boats) was that the burgee was flown at the masthead and the National Flag (Ensign) was flown off the leech (below the masthead and the burgee) and later went to a flagpole on the transom. That is why official Yacht Club flagpoles are rigged like a gaff rigged boat to give the image of a boat going to sea.

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