LOWISA 51 Newsletter

Volumes one and two of our LOWISA newsletter have been distributed to our email mailing list and are shared on our Facebook page. The newsletter details how to prepare for the regatta and midweek layover and highlights changes to the registration process. Please click the links below to view and send us an email at if you would like to be added to our mailing list.

Volume 1

Volume 2

L51 Preorder and Midweek Layover

Buena Vista Lodge (Morson, Ontario) has graciously welcomed the return of our fleet during our Midweek Layover (August 2-3, 2016). They are reserving lodging and meal accommodations. Call BV to inquire about available rooms and cabins.

Pre-order, Meals, and Fish Fry
If you would like to request grocery and additional item (ice, diesel, etc) pick-up at Buena Vista, please fill out their online form. If you will have additional meals with Buena Vista (Fish Fry, breakfasts, lunch, etc), you must indicate the number of individuals from your party that you estimate will attend.

Visit the Buena Vista Lodge website and select the LOWISA tab in their menu to make your submission.

LOWISA 51 Regatta and Layover Lodging

LOWISA 51 will be held between July 31 to August 6 2016. We are excited to announce that the Buena Vista Resort in Morson Bay will be hosting our fleet for this years layover day. Our last stay with Buena Vista was such a success and we know they will extend a warm welcome to the LOWISA fleet again this year.

Buena Vista suggests that LOWISA participants book cabins, rooms and camp sites as soon as possible, as space is limited. Please visit their webpage and give them a call for more information.

Keep your eyes peeled for LOWISA registration early this spring. Incorporated in the registration process will be a space to communicate your boats anticipated layover day needs including quantities of meal tickets (dinners, breakfasts, and fish fry), bags of ice, fuel, pump out, and trash disposal.

During this time we will make Buena Vista pre-order sheets available to LOWISA participants so that your preordered food, beverages, and other supplies will be ready for purchase and pickup at the lodge.

Please consider what your boat or crew may need to make the trip to Buena Vista, we want to ensure that this is a safe, comfortable, and exciting voyage for the entire fleet. Consider preparing well ahead of time by updating necessary safety equipment and ensuring that your boat is equipped with two reliable VHF radios and a working motor on board.

More information on LOWISA 51 events coming soon. Contact myself, Kimberly Ovitz or my co-commodore Jamie Paterson with questions.

You can contact me directly at