Please enter your information below if your vessel is looking for additional crew or are interested in securing a crew position on LOWISA 52:

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Georgia MacDonaldgeorgiaruthmacdonald@gmail.comWear white soled shoes and have never fallen off the boat.C.V - once saw a sail boat - can find lakes on maps - bad at most things so everyone around me gets to look good by comparison - values sun protection, has large collection of hats; will share - makes excellent scones but this is not relevant to this situation, just felt like bragging - free legal/medical advice. I have literally no expertise in these areas but am able to make it sound super legit if you find that sort of thing comforting - accepts no liability related to free legal advice/medical advice - no active warrants in province of Ontario - strong pun game - writes excellent kijiji ads - ask me about the time my dad followed me on a date I am in great shape, and have boundless energy and an effervescently positive attitude. I'm fueled mostly by curiosity and a desire to try new things, so I’m spectacularly good at quickly learning how to do stuff and then hurting myself doing them. It's virtually impossible to embarrass me. I’m Jocelyn’s McLaren’s sister, so if you take her we’re a package deal. (She may or may not approve of this message, idk.) For the love of god someone take me sailing it’s all I’ve ever wanted. ....I won't promise that you won't regret it, but I do promise that *I* won't regret it.
Liam Pareisliam@pareis.ca15' National E (Lazy E) DinghyLooking for someone as insane as me for the 2019 LOWISA to join me on my 15' Dinghy, Mistral. Looking for someone on the younger side (I'm 23), as we're probably going to spend a lot of time sitting on the rail. Shoot me an email if you're interested and I can provide a lot more details! <3, Liam
bob tollefson-bucknbabe@gmail.comAll the above: Plus give orders and sing.cost guard master captains license sailed on lake Michigan foe 30 years owned 5 keel boats the last was a mumm 30
Paloma Corrinpalomacorrin@gmail.comAll the above: Plus give orders and sing.I Have sailed on the Manitoba Sailing team for 8 years, have been to multiple Canada Games and am looking forward to my first LOWISA! I am not much of rail meat, but can fit into small spaces - which is handy on a boat. I have grown up on lake of the woods and currently live in Kenora, so naturally i will be able to read the wind and predict all the weather... If you are looking for a fun, cheerful, sailor who can play tactics by day and drink rum by night while skinny dipping then I am the lady for the boat! Hoping to get on as crew with my friend Jocelyn, (see crew finder page), we work best as a package deal - but any boat will do!
Jocelyn Mclarenmclaren.jocelyn@gmail.comAll the above: Plus give orders and sing.Age: 28 Gender: Female Skills: can mix drinks in-between tacks Have sailed for 28 years (my whole life), and been drinking rum for 14 of them. I spent 10 years racing for the Manitoba Sailing team. I have done the last 2 years of LOWISA. First year was on Nutty Club - a J24 with Paige Nuttall, and the second on a 29er skiff boat - also with Paige Nuttall. I have been last minuet marooned by non other than the commodore himself and am now looking for a boat thats into sailing, rum, and sweet sweet vengeance (kidding... ). My friend Paloma who is also an experienced sailor from the Manitoba sailing team is looking for a spot and we would love to be on the same boat IF POSSIBLE. otherwise, take me. Looking forward to a great time!
Eric Bluhmerichbluhm@msn.comAll the above: Plus give orders and sing.Captain of Amazing Grace trimaran, which was hit by a truck and is awaiting a new mast and rigging, and won't be racing this year. Two of my daughters (Katie and Natalie, plus friend Jackie) who crewed last year for me and John Sexton will race with John on Splash this year. But I would like to crew for whoever may have a spot. I can tent as shore tribe if needs be.
Anastasia Hnatyukhn.anastasia@gmail.comThe above plus: Can identify sails, sheets, starboard.My name is Anastasia, I fell in love with sailing and marine in my teenage years and tried to get on water as often as possible ever since. I have sailed in and outside of Canada, mainly sailing with Gimli Yacht Club in Manitoba in the most recent past. I have been following LOWISA for a while waiting for the year when I would be able to join and this year it finally became possible. I would be endlessly grateful for an opportunity to participate.
Stephen Hignellshignell@nordicity.comThe above plus: Can identify sails, sheets, starboard.I'm now 36... I've grown up spending every summer and weekend on Lake of the Woods, and about 10 years ago I moved to London, UK... While I never had the chance to actually join the regatta before I left Canada, I consider the lake and lake life more home than anywhere else. I would absolutely love to roll up my sleeves and sail the lake in a way I've never done before and with a great group of people. I've got experience in sailing Lasers and I'm a quick/keen learner and love people. I'd be very happy to talk and see if I could lend a pair of eager hands to a boat and fit in with the crew. Best wishes, Steve
Chris. & Jasmine KlymochkoCklymochko@hotmail.comThe above plus: Can identify sails, sheets, starboard.Chris (31). - Mechanical Tech. Can probably fix whatever is broken, learns quick, drinks slow. Jasmine (30) - Nursing Student. Can put bandaids on like nobody else, likes cats.
Chris HawesCdhawes@hotmail.comThe above plus: Can identify sails, sheets, starboard.I am 6’2”. I have some experience sailing Albacore. I am eager to gain perspective. I would be interested in sailing throughout the summer prior to the races. Looking to have a fun and gratifying experience.