Please enter your information below if your vessel is looking for additional crew or are interested in securing a crew position on LOWISA 52:

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Stephen Hignellshignell@nordicity.comThe above plus: Can identify sails, sheets, starboard.I'm now 36... I've grown up spending every summer and weekend on Lake of the Woods, and about 10 years ago I moved to London, UK... While I never had the chance to actually join the regatta before I left Canada, I consider the lake and lake life more home than anywhere else. I would absolutely love to roll up my sleeves and sail the lake in a way I've never done before and with a great group of people. I've got experience in sailing Lasers and I'm a quick/keen learner and love people. I'd be very happy to talk and see if I could lend a pair of eager hands to a boat and fit in with the crew. Best wishes, Steve
Chris. & Jasmine KlymochkoCklymochko@hotmail.comThe above plus: Can identify sails, sheets, starboard.Chris (31). - Mechanical Tech. Can probably fix whatever is broken, learns quick, drinks slow. Jasmine (30) - Nursing Student. Can put bandaids on like nobody else, likes cats.
Chris HawesCdhawes@hotmail.comThe above plus: Can identify sails, sheets, starboard.I am 6’2”. I have some experience sailing Albacore. I am eager to gain perspective. I would be interested in sailing throughout the summer prior to the races. Looking to have a fun and gratifying experience.