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Michael LaQueymlaquey@yahoo.comThe above plus: Can identify sails, sheets, starboard.Looking to drive someones houseboat in exchange for food and accomodations.
Michael LaQueymlaquey@yahoo.comThe above plus: Can identify sails, sheets, starboard.I am looking to drive someones houseboat with room for me to sleep and food provided.
Georgia MacDonaldgeorgiaruthmacdonald@gmail.comWear white soled shoes and have never fallen off the boat.C.V - once saw a sail boat - can find lakes on maps - bad at most things so everyone around me gets to look good by comparison - values sun protection, has large collection of hats; will share - makes excellent scones but this is not relevant to this situation, just felt like bragging - free legal/medical advice. I have literally no expertise in these areas but am able to make it sound super legit if you find that sort of thing comforting - accepts no liability related to free legal advice/medical advice - no active warrants in province of Ontario - strong pun game - writes excellent kijiji ads - ask me about the time my dad followed me on a date I am in great shape, and have boundless energy and an effervescently positive attitude. I'm fueled mostly by curiosity and a desire to try new things, so I’m spectacularly good at quickly learning how to do stuff and then hurting myself doing them. It's virtually impossible to embarrass me. I’m Jocelyn’s McLaren’s sister, so if you take her we’re a package deal. (She may or may not approve of this message, idk.) For the love of god someone take me sailing it’s all I’ve ever wanted. ....I won't promise that you won't regret it, but I do promise that *I* won't regret it.
Liam Pareisliam@pareis.ca15' National E (Lazy E) DinghyLooking for someone as insane as me for the 2019 LOWISA to join me on my 15' Dinghy, Mistral. Looking for someone on the younger side (I'm 23), as we're probably going to spend a lot of time sitting on the rail. Shoot me an email if you're interested and I can provide a lot more details! <3, Liam