Please enter your information below if your vessel is looking for additional crew or are interested in securing a crew position on LOWISA 52:

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Tammy Barretbarre@mymts.netThe above plus: Can identify sails, sheets, sailing - own 28 foot Grampian - would love to do more racing- have done some club racing but sporadically - not scared to work - able to identify boat needs and hopefully expectations of captain. lol would love to be a part of your team. Tammy
Niall Mackintoshniall@mts.netThe above plus: Can identify sails, sheets, starboard.Ahoy LOWISA Captains, Are you aware of any boats that are looking for crew for the race? Haven't sailed since the 80's in a Tanzer 22 on Rainy Lake, but would love to startup again 😉 YT Able Cadet Mackintosh PS: I can strum a little acoustic guitar
Katie Kieferkiefer@westelev.comThe above plus: Can perform a definite position on the boat.Looking for a boat to crew on for LOWISA, skills include; helm, navigate, trim. Race or Cruise, experienced LoW sailor. thanks! Katie
peter beckelpeterbeckel@gmail.comThe above plus: Can identify sails, sheets, starboard.would love to join a team to sail lake of the woods, I have a 12 footer, which I sail in Minneapolis, but have not spent a lot of time on anything larger. Canoed a lot in the Northwest Angle from Laketrails and Fort St. Charles years ago. Lately going up to BWCA hiking and canoeing up there. 57 years old, jack of all trades... master of none, but learns quickly 612-272-2222 I look forward to sailing with you Peter
Anetta Losanetttal17@gmail.comAll the above: Plus give orders and sing.I'm a certified CANSail 1 & 2 Instructor, have a CANSail 4, PCOC, Safety Boat Operators Certificate, VHF Radio Operators Certificate, Spinnaker and trapeze experience. While sailing I like to sing old rock songs from the 90s, or very cheesy parodies of songs that we make up on the spot and relate to sailing. I trained with THE Steve McBride (Coach of the Silver winning Paralympic Sailing Team) at Royal Victoria Yacht Club, and have sailed in the Provincial MB/Saskatchewan Regatta and Sail West Regatta (among others). I've only ever sailed in two-person dinghies (mostly 420 class), and for one summer while I had a broken leg, I sailed in a Martin 16 (a keel boat with an actual chair to sit in for people with disabilities). Also, did I mention that I'm a lot of fun?